Do You Live In A Non Toxic Home?

If you don't live in a non toxic home then your family's health could be at risk. Did you know that there are hundreds of untested chemicals in everyday household products that could be potentially harmful to your family's health! Would you like to learn more about how you can keep your family safe?

When I first got into the idea of creating a chemical/pesticide free life I found more information than I knew what to do with. Which one was real? Who could I trust? How was I going to be able to read it all and keep track of everything? If these are a few of the questions running through your mind then I might be able to help.

Not only do I constantly update this site on everything going on in the green/organic space, I also send out a newsletter once to twice a month to give you a heads up. I promise not to sell your email address and not to bother you unless I really feel there is something worth hearing about.

Just think of me as your green, non toxic alternative friend giving you the tips and tricks you need before you even know you need them. (I know it's goofy but honestly that's really how I think of myself.)

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Each Issue Includes:

  • Non Toxic Home Product Reviews:
    This way you will know which products are worth spending your money on and which ones to skip!

  • Green Cleaning Tips: I try to make these seasonal so that you won't have to search through the internet on how to deal with wasp nests in the summer and ways to keep your skin from drying out in the winter. Instead they'll just come to you.

  • Natural Health Information: I am always looking for simple little tips come up that help keep you healthier all year round.

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