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Healthy Living Updates
Next to nothing is currently known about the physical toxic effects of more than 80 percent of the 48,000 chemicals used in the home care and personal care products, that are listed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. You and your family's safety depends on you making sure your products are as safe as possible. Where do you start? You can begin by avoiding cosmetics, toothpastes, shampoos, and skin care products that contain known toxic contaminants which are readily absorbed into your skin, and then into your blood stream. For a complete list of known chemical dangers to avoid, see this harmful ingredients list.

Natural Cleaning Tips
Commercially produced cleaning products can contain hidden chemicals which can be disastrous to your family's health and to our health and to our environment. These might include:
  • Ammonia-irritant to eyes and respiratory tract
  • Artificial dyes-highly carcinogenic, easily absorbed through skin
  • Detergents-responsible for more household poisoning than any other substance
  • Fragrances-headaches, all types of nervous system symptoms
Homemade Alternatives are Safe and Easy to Use
  • Baking soda-absorbs odors and chemicals, mild abrasive
  • Borax-disinfects, deodorizes, inhibits molds, mild abrasive
  • Lemon juice or vinegar-to cut grease and kill germs
  • Washing soda-cuts grease for tough jobs (Do not use Arm and Hammer because it is scented and contains other chemical additives.)
I use a lot of baking soda and vinegar at my house. You can learn more here about nontoxic cleaning.

Mangosteen Updates
If you have never heard of mangosteen, you may wish to read about it on my website. I have been drinking mangosteen juice by XanGo for five years now, and have been very pleased with my health results.

In November I started using XanGo's new Juni personal care products. Besides being non toxic, these products also contain extract from the mangosteen. At first, I had to use a little extra shampoo to get it to lather. This was likely due to buildup left in my hair from previous hair products. It is lathering up better now and I am happy with the results of both the shampoo and conditioner. My hair looks and feels shiny and healthy. My skin feels soft as well and I love the lavender scent.

Every mothers desire is to keep her little ones safe. With Juni products you can be assured that no harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, sulfates or unwanted substances are present making it safe for the whole family.
See this cut video about Juni!

Neem News
Neem Tree Farms Sampler Many of you have inquired about Neem products and have told me that you are enjoying using them. Some of you may never have never heard of Neem and may be interested in learning about this fascinating botanical. Neem is a tree that has been used for numerous medicinal and personal care uses in India for many years. It is the cornerstone of Ayruvedic medicine. To learn more about some of my favorite Neem products, click on the image at the right or visit nontoxicalternatives.neem.

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