How to Reduce Fine Lines and Crows Feet!

Most of the products on the market that are supposed to reduce fine lines, frown lines or crows feet may actually end up damaging your skin. Products such as eye wrinkle cream may claim to get rid of crows feet, but actually just trap moisture in and irritate the skin so it puffs up acting as a wrinkle filler.

Your crows feet and frown lines may appear to be reduced or gone, but they aren’t. Worse yet, your skin is actually being damaged – so you will likely get more facial lines and wrinkles than you would have if you had not used these products. But, just keep using these products to puff up your face and you'll look fine!

What Can We Do?

You need to start using a plant based anti-aging skin care system. Stay away from wrinkle treatments that contain propylene glycol, and/or mineral oil which will clog pores starving your skin of much needed oxygen. Since your skin will not be able to breath, the pores will eventually enlarge. This process will cause more skin wrinkles and further damage to your skin.

And, if you’re thinking botox treatments as a method of fine line reduction, think again. Botox is the brand name for a form of botulism toxin.

Here is how Botox works

It's injected into facial muscles, near the area of the frown lines and crow's feet, blocking nerve impulses and paralyzing and relaxing the muscles.

How long it lasts

It takes effect after three to seven days, and lasts three to six months. With repeat treatments, effects can last longer.

The risks

There's growing evidence for its effectiveness and safety, but long-term effects are unknown. Side effects can include soreness, bruising, headaches, double vision, or temporary drooping of the eyebrow or lid. If overdone, it can leave your face expressionless. It can have toxic effects if over 2,000 units are injected (50 units are usually used in a session).

Safe Ways to Get Rid of Facial Lines

You can reduce skin lines and crows feet by nourishing your skin cells with plant based skin care moisturizers. Organic nutrients can defend skin with natural anti-oxidant protection. Instead of just plugging or plumping your skins pores...nourish and restore them instead. You will begin to notice a difference.

Learn more about anti-aging skin care that will naturally reduce fine lines in my Special Skin Care Report!

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