Hyper-pigmentation - What's happening to my skin?

Hyper-pigmentation is the most obvious indication of melanin overproduction.

The causes of hyper-pigmentation can include, but are not necessarily limited to, pregnancy, exposure to the sun, or hormones.

I noticed dark spots on my cheekbones and on my upper lip during my first pregnancy. I'm fair skinned, so, wow, my complexion was looking fairly worn.

I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed a skin-lightening product. It worked over the course of a 6-month period. However, it smelled awful and dried out my skin.

During my second pregnancy, well, guess what? Yep, more spots - I felt like a leopard. By this time I was already knowledgeable about hidden toxins and did not want to use the toxic stuff the dermatologist has prescribed several years back. So, I did some research. Here is what I discovered and the remedy I came up with, that really worked wonders.

First, while my spots were because of pregnancy, I learned the truth about getting a suntan - it is a sign of injury done to the skin. By the time you look tanned, the damage has already been done. Also, sun exposure aggrevates this condition ultimately making it worse.

I started protecting my skin, especially my face, from the sun.

Then, I came up with a simple daily routine that after a few short months resulted in a more even toned, vibrant, younger looking complexion. I call it my Wrinkle and Sun Damage Facial and for my dark spots I simply added a nontoxic skin lightening product. I found (called, ironically, Lightening...), and applied it directly to the dark spots on my face after cleansing.

Check out my lightening product and then come back here because there is one more piece to this.

The final piece is nutrition. I found out what a big impact our nutrition can play on how our skin looks. So, please consider The Role Nutrition Plays in the Appearance of Your Skin.

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