What Are Non Toxic Alternatives?
why are they Important?

If you've never thought about non toxic alternatives then this is the perfect place to start.

We live in a world that always has an answer for every, single problem we have and we buy it as if it is the answer to our prayers. Some of the time it is but quite often it's more wrapped up in selling us a product than actually helping us get healthier.

I created this site so that you could have alternatives that you could either make yourself and do at home or know that it was safe to buy a 'pre-made' one that was still non-toxic.

Non toxic alternatives are  important in decreasing the toxic exposure to our bodies we have the possibility of living & longer healthier lives.

It's funny because as things have become more advanced we think things should be easier but I think back to when times were simpler and knowing the choices in front of us were better for us and the planet.

Why I Became Concerned

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't always aware of how toxic our everyday products have become. It wasn't until just before my first pregnancy that I realized that many of the personal care products, household care products and foods that I has part of my everyday, were made with an abundance chemicals ingredients, and preservatives.

The crazy thing was these toxic additives were put in my favorite products to make them smell nicer, work 'better', last longer and even look prettier but none of them were actually good for me. Sure the manufacturers were paying attention to what I liked (and would spend money on!) but not what liked me.

I began doing more research about what was in our everyday products and the environmental issues affecting public health. It didn't take me very long realize that there was more problems than I ever imagined and if they were causing an issue in my family, then they were hurting others as well. I just couldn't remain silent about all of the stuff I was learning about - both good & bad. 

Why I Built This Site

As I started pulling out my everyday products and researching their ingredients I was shocked to discover that so many of them were riddled with dangerous chemical ingredients that had real research which directly linked them to:

  • cancer
  • hormonal disruptions,
  • breathing problems
  • and many other more serious health issues

Why had I never been aware of this before?

I always thought I was a healthy person. I worked out regularly, ate healthily and watched how much I drank and slept. How had this been so concealed from my view? I thought I was being so conscientious about my health but I can see how I was actually harming it instead. 

I quickly realized that if I had no idea, then there must be many others who aren't aware of this.

Yes it's true that the information hasn't been readily available for us to find. Often hidden under unassuming names like 'natural' or 'organic'. To add insult to injury, we tend to assume that the FDA is going to protect us and that companies we buy from will take responsibility for marketing safe products.

In the last decade more and more people are having serious health issues that just appear out of no where.  It makes no sense as to the why and how they got sick. Some just take the prescribed medicine given to them and other out there, who like me, have fallen into this rabbit hole of toxins in our products and are craving more information.

(Here's an article from the Scientific American written in 2011 talking about how their are hidden toxins all around us.)

My hope is to help you better know where you're encountering toxins in your everyday so that you can start by choosing better for yourself. But I won't leaving you hanging with just the bad news. Nope. I want to make sure you have both homemade and 'made-for-you' options that will make your life healthier and easier. 

Non Toxic Alternatives was created to help you make healthier choices for yourself by:

  • providing information about toxic substances you encounter in your life.
  • teaching you about safe nontoxic alternatives to replace those toxic home products.
  • helping you learn to live a healthier more natural lifestyle & to reduce your exposure to environmental hazards.
  • Showing you how you can build up your immune systems to reduce health risks while live as healthy & happy as possible.
  • And most importantly, understand how your making these choices not only helps you and your family but also the health of our planet.

Why Passionate About Non toxic Alternatives?

This subject is one that I'm passionate about and find that so many of my readers are as well. It's not like it's what we do for a living, instead it's what we do 'to live'.

This is such an important message and so many people are ready to learn about reducing the toxins in their lives. The topics of going green, living healthy and choosing non toxic alternatives are truly part of the zeitgeist. It's no longer something left just for those who love the outdoors.

If you're as interested in this type of topic as I am, and want to make the choices as easy as they once were, but this time making your life healthier, then I hope you will look through my site, bookmark it and share it with other people. 

For those that don't want to have to wade through my site to hear what new things I've learned about, then just click on the link below to get regular updates on how to keep your health and home non toxic:

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