Why Are Non Toxic Alternatives Important To Me?

Non toxic alternatives are important to me because I want to help other people live longer healthier lives.

I can't help but think bad to when times were simpler when we wasted less and perhaps placed more value on the simple things of life.

Why I Became Concerned

It wasn't till a few years ago that I realized that many of the personal care products, household care products and foods that I since had begun purchasing for my own family from the store, were now being made with numerous chemicals ingredients, and preservatives.

I became increasingly concerned that my children and and now more recently, my grandchildren were being exposed to chemicals and preservatives that had not been tested for safety. I realized that my family and many other families were being put at risk for cancer and other serious health issues due to being exposed on a daily basis to potentially dangerous chemical hazards.

I decided to do more research about environmental issues that may be affecting public health. Before long, I realized that I could not remain silent about the information I was learning.

Why I Built This Site

What I was shocked to discover, was that many of the products that I had begun using in my home were riddled with dangerous chemical ingredients that are directly linked to cancer and hormonal disruptions, along with breathing problems and other serious health issues.

Why was I not aware of this when I thought I was being so conscientious about my family's health? Why aren't other people more aware of this issue? I think it is because the information has not been readily available for us as consumers to read. We tend to assume that the FDA is going to protect us and that companies will take responsibility for marketing safe products.

I believe there are many consumers out there who like me, would like to know about this information. My hope is to help other people learn more about how they can avoid environmental toxins in their everyday cleaning products and personal care products as well as many other home products that they use each and every day.

My goal is to help other people learn about non toxic alternatives by:

  • providing information to people about toxic substances which are in the household and personal car products they now use.

  • teaching people how they can learn about safe nontoxic alternatives to help them replace their toxic home products.

  • helping people learn how they can live healthier more natural lifestyles to reduce their exposure to environmental hazards.
  • helping people learn how they can build up their immune systems to reduce their health risks and live as healthy as possible.

Yes, I Am Passionate About Non toxic Alternatives

I believe this is an important message and that their are many other people out there, who would want to know about reducing toxins in their lives. People are becoming more concerned about going green and living healthy and choosing non toxic alternatives.

The time is now right for this information to be made available to the public. I hope you will look through my site, bookmark it and direct other people to this important information.

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